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What You Should Know

In the light of Learnafrik’s mission which is to bring effective, quality and practical know-how in ICT to every human on earth, we are happy to announce the launch of our referral program.

Because we feel that this will be a stepping stone in enabling us achieve our Milestones. And hence, we want to be able reward you for your referrals.

As We Progress…We appreciate your Efforts


Current customers and prospective customers remain an integral part of every business.

Here at learnafrik we appreciate users that help us to grow by referring others and by so doing carve out a niche for everyone to partake in the World’s Information and communication technology sector.


To participate in the Learnafrik Referral program, users are expected to refer at least one person or more.

NOTE: You must be an active user before you can get access to your referral link

To get Started
  • Login to your account
  • Click on the Photo avatar at the top left of the screen
  • Select Referral from the Dropdown
  • Copy your Referral Link and share to your friends


For every person you refer, users will receive 25% of the total subscription fee paid by those he/she referred.


All Referral earnings can be withdrawn at anytime and will be processed between 30mins – 48 hours depending on the user’s Country.

When placing withdrawal, users will be able to select their preferred payment method i.e Bitcoin, bank deposit or paypal.

Contact us

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