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Learnafrik is an E-learning platform that grants users access to various ICT Courses ranging from Office management, programming, video and image editing, database management, data science and analysis, ethical hacking and cyber security and lots more..
Yes! There Is. In order to get Full access to all courses, users are required to make a Payment of 15USD
After Signing up for a New account,
  1. Login to your account and click on UPGRADE
  2. On the page that will be shown, Select a Payment Method
  3. A Payment window will pop-up, use your Debit card or Bank Account number to proceed with payment.
  4. After successful payment, your account will be activated and you can start downloading any course of your choice.
Our Video Tutorials and Ebooks are Concise and are been drawn from professionals in each field. As such, at the end of your Study, you will be well equipped for the Tech Market.
  1. Make a daily Roaster on the number of hours you can commit to learning the course
  2. Utilize the See-It, Learn-It Technique during your Study
  3. Endeavour to pause the video from time to time and take a recap of what you have done so far
  4. When you encounter a challenge, ask questions on the internet or forums such as stackoverflow or github.
  5. From time to time, make references to the ebook included with the course as it is more elaborate than the video.
  6. Before you finish watching the course video, have a project in mind which you will embark upon at the end of the study.
  7. Finally, Take Learnafrik Certification Exams to check your progress and obtain your Certificate.
The Subscription fee gives you access to all courses and the duration for expiry is One Year
The Subscription fee gives you access to all courses and the duration for expiry is One Year
Yes! Although it is not mandatory, Users may opt-in to take an assessment Exam and on completion of the Exam, A Digital Certificate will be offered to such user on behalf of Algoteam Laboratories (the main partners of Learnafrik).
Yes! Any course you don't see in our Course Repository can be requested for. Our experts will prepare the course and send to your email within 48 hours.
Yes! A payment of 5USD is required for every course request to be processed.
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